About Amelia

Amelia Moore is the author’s pen-name. It is the name of her great grandmother and she writes under this name when she works in the genre of witchcraft and psychic phenomena. Amelia has studied many different aspects of witchcraft for some years and has also been involved in the psychic world for over three decades. In her real persona, Amelia has been a guest on several radio programmes and has given many talks around the country.

Amelia comes from the world of art and education. Before becoming a writer full time, she was a teacher, researcher and consultant for over twenty years. As well as her work in colleges and university, Amelia has an interest in complementary medicine.

Amelia writes children’s books as well as adult fiction. She has been writing for some years, but decided, when she retired from her research work in education, to publish her writings.

‘Elizabeth’ is the first book in the ‘Evening Wolf’ series to be published by Amelia. The following books in this series tell the stories of Elizabeth’s blood line in other times.